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Sharing my love for home and interiors. I don't claim any of these photos and try to remember to credit them all, if I don't credit your photo or you wish for it to be taken down, please let me know. Feel free to submit photos of your home, or suggest something you would like to see more of!


Frequently Asked Questions

How old are you?  I’m 19.

Where are you from? I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Are you an interior designer?  No I’m not, but I will be studying interior design in 2014. 

Do you want to be an interior designer/ architect?  It is certainly something I am interested in, but I am not sure.

What made you make this blog? I spent lots of time looking at images of houses etc online and thought I would put some use to it. 

How long have you had this blog?  I made it in May 2011

How many followers do you have?  Right now I have around 90,000 followers

What is your dream home?  Something that is old and has history, but has been completely transformed on the inside, so that when you see it from the outside you expect some old run down thing inside and then when you go inside you get a pleasant surprise. 

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